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Sick of you

I'd post this song (since it's pretty easy). I make no statement about its accuracy, except to say that it sounds good enough to me. 8)

Well, first off, GWAR tunes their instruments 1/2 step, so that's what you gotta do to sound right.

Here's the first riff

  pm..]          pm..]
|-------0---------------2---------|   play this a couple times

Then the rhythm guitar (Balsac) plays palm-muted F#5 chords (power chord on 
the 2nd fret of low E string, that is) while the lead guitar (Flattus) plays:

|--2--2--------------------------|   He plays this (or slight variations
|--------2--5--2-----------------|    thereof) a few times.

The verses are just palm-muted F#5 chords.  The chorus goes like this:

   Sick of   yoooooou  I'm  so sick so sick of you

I think thats all, except for the break-down ("I said break it down!....) and 
all that is is a little non-disorted variation of the lead guitar part above.
(I think). 

Well, I think thats all... let me know if I missed a major part of the song..


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