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These Are My Gwar Mini Bios

Name: Oderus Urungus
Instrument: Vocals

Name: Balsac the Jaws of Death
Instrument: Rythmn Guitar
Quote from SkulhedFace: "...Whoever shall awaken Gwar is... is A-OK!"

Name: Flatus Maximus
Instrument: Lead Guitar
Quote from SkulhedFace: "I'M HUNGRY!"

Name: Beefcake the Mighty
Instrument: Bass, sometimes vocals
Quote from SkulhedFace: "I know that kid's at least 18... Besides, look how he's dressed!"

Name: Jizmak Da Gusha
Instrument: Drums
Quote from SkulhedFace: "Do you mind?" (I know that one's not very good, but it's all he said!)

Name: Slymenstra Hymen
Instrument: Occasional Vocals
Quote from SkulhedFace: "My Tits! Where'd my tits go???"

Name: Sleazy P. Martini
Position: Manager
Quote From SkulheadFace: "Yeah, I own Gwar... I'M THEIR FUCKIN MANAGER!"

This is all I have for now... If you don't like it... think something
is better than nothing at all...