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Hey, as you can probably tell, this is the first update in a while. I have
joined forces with Droog, owner of The X-cops Page, and we are going to make a Gwar
and X-Cops Ultra Page! It may take a while, but when we are finished, there
will be more files than you can fit on your computer. We have already made
a couple screen savers for each band, and soon, an X-cops video. There will
also be a section for fan art, and stuff that I've 3d modeled of Gwar. Keep
coming back, because this page will be updated so much, it's sick. School
is out for the summer and The Gwar And X-cops Ultra Page is in.

On Friday, June 12, Droog And I, Bizwhap, will be online in the Gwar
and X-Cops Chat
, come on in and talk to us, you can tell us suggestions
maybe a Gwar member will even drop by. Anyway, you can also ask us for
any information or mp3's that you don't see on the page.

Make sure to check out the Media section, with 11 new files!

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Email me with comments and Suggestions... As Well as mp3 requests

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