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These Clips are all around 40seconds long...
Ok everybody, I want to upload more mp3's, but my encoder is messed up.
When I find one that works, there will be tons more.
You'll need an mp3 player to hear these
Get Winamp Here

Pick What You Want
Hell-O Ragnarok
Time For Death The New Plague
AEIOU RagNarok
Fire In The Loins
Think You Otta Know this
Surf Of Syn
Martyr Dumb
Hey! Here are some Realaudio Files!

From America Must Be Destroyed

Gilded Lilly
Rock And Roll Never Felt So Good
Crack In The Egg
Gor Gor
The Morality Squad

From Carnival Of Chaos

Billy Badass
The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
First Rule Is
I Hate Love Songs
Pre Skool Prostitute
Back To Iraq

If you have any requests for files... email me and I'll do what I can.

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